About Us

Espi’s Sausage and Tocino Co. is a Washington State Minority Women Owned Business Enterprise and a USDA approved establishment. It is a family owned corporation and has been in operation since January 1989. The products manufactured by Espi’s are authentic Philippine style sausages (pork and chicken Longanisa) and marinated meat Philippine style bacon (pork and chicken Tocino) having their unique taste and flavor. All finished products are frozen and vacuum packed for sale at retail stores, supermarkets and food service companies. Espi’s products are popular and distributed in Oregon, Washington State, Alaska and South San Francisco CA. The small processing plant is in Seattle, Washington.

Longanisa- (Traditional Philippine Sausage)
Spanish-American influenced prime-mixture sausage prepared with pineapple juice and other authentic Filipino spices are hearty favorites anytime of the day. The built-in good and homey taste in every pack of this Filipino Longanisa makes it one of the most sought after food items under the Espi’s Brand. They also come in different flavors like Regular, Spicy, Hamonado, and Ilocos.

Tocino- (Philippine Style Bacon)
A popular recipe handed down from Spanish and Chinese kitchen wizards in the Philippines long ago. Espi’s Tocino is Philippine style bacon, sliced and seasoned pork/chicken cured to perfection.

Lumpia- (Philippine Eggroll)
Espi’s Lumpia is a Philippine style egg roll that has mixed vegetables and pork, chicken or beef. The egg roll wrapper is a special concoction in itself. Great for all kinds of occasions. Always sought after in any Filipino gathering.

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